FWD View is a technology company providing IT process transformation services to global financial markets.
Unlike other companies, our focus is on the chasm between the idea and the customer, between the requirement and the user. We apply best in class tooling and processes to solve known issues within the industry, maintaining a keen eye not just on the delivery of change but on full adoption and benefits realisation for our clients.

The need for deep, well-functioning capital markets is paramount in a world where global interconnectivity and ubiquitous access to financial markets is increasing. Financial institutions have to address this changing market and transform; if they are to successfully operate in the changing landscape. If businesses are unable to deliver change quickly and efficiently, they will neither remain ahead of their competition nor meet the demands of the regulatory landscape. Our mantra of simplification, innovation and adoption looks to address the fundamentals of slow build times, difficulty in scaling and escalating costs. The ability to combine a comprehensive understanding of the capital markets with appropriate software and processes underpins our business. Recognising that the umbrella term does not have a wholesale application to the industry means that we can focus our efforts on assisting our customers to effect positive change at speed.

Capital markets participants recognise the need to enhance their client service offering, with many regarding this as their top investment priority. Coupled with the spotlight on ethical, fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities financial institutions must fundamentally transform both technologically and organisationally to survive. Software and IT should no longer merely be a cost centre designed to support the business but one which is an integral part of every capital markets player. Our business is focused on accelerating the journey to this future state and is built on a few key tenets:

  • A commitment to implementation and technology management, underpinned by a focus to effect positive organisational change

  • A commitment to cut cost, accelerate time to market and increase the quality of software solutions for our clients

  • A commitment to a malleable, best-practice tool chain designed to optimise delivery and reduce total cost of ownership across the application landscape

  • A commitment to partnership with both our clients and with our software partners. Multi-party relationships pulling in the same direction for the same objective is the formula for success

  • A commitment to adoption and benefits realisation across our client base. Transformation should be a positive thing but monitoring and adoption must be driven and we know how
  • Multi-faceted delivery approach

    Our objective is not to make our clients wholly dependent on us. We assist our clients through advisory, solutions, tools and adoption and can run managed services monitored with SLA’s and KPI’s.

    However, our unique approach to adoption, training and benefits realisation is a reflection of our promise to transfer knowledge to our clients. Through our own methodology, we provide the building blocks and on-going support for relevant, incremental enterprise adoption.