Advisory & Execution

Organisations are being challenged to deliver high quality change at speed; delivering maximum benefit with minimum risk. Deciding which tools can support that evolution requires both business knowledge and technology appreciation. FWD View has extensive experience in implementing, integrating and supporting large, complex trading applications but the way in which these systems are managed has shifted in order to meet changing business demands for innovation and efficiency. Our core services concern re-thinking how these applications are run, covering:

  • System selection and pre-implementation studies
  • Tools assessment and Return On Investment calculation
  • Roadmap design and assessment
We employ a combination of industry standard tools, techniques and proprietary FWD View methodology, focussing on simplification, innovation, modernisation and management. Our Rethinking covers:

  • Simplification : Reduce the complexity of the architecture and processes to keep costs under control, and prepare for innovation
  • Innovation : Take advantage of the evolving technology and process to meet the business need
  • Modernisation : Evaluate options to upgrade / extend the current architecture to keep pace with business and technology reform
  • Management : Evaluate the legacy applications need to be removed or managed to extinction