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Creating a Proof of Value for Waterline

FWD View and Waterline Data have been promoting the use of the Waterline software for the cataloguing of data across a number of platforms. We believe there is value in executing a short Proof of Value (PoV) on specific applications and data sets to confirm the capabilities of the product. This summary describes the process, resources and timescales required from the client and FWD View/Waterline to complete a successful PoV.

The process seeks to ensure active participation from both client and FWD View/Waterline to achieve a consensus on the path forward for the Waterline solution. Prior to the execution of the PoV there a number of preparation tasks that need to be completed.

The four steps of the PoV are:


Duration: ~3 hours

Location: On-site

  • Review requirements; define use cases and success criteria
  • Brief product demonstration (if required)
  • Agree on the data sets and data volume used in the evaluation
  • Identify installation requirements
  • Agreement from customer and Waterline Data on Use Cases and Success Criteria
  • Installation

    Duration: 3 hours plus ~3 days [elapsed] to profile data
    Location: Remote

  • Verify Installation requirements are met (prior to the installation)
  • Install and configure product
  • Profile the mutually-agreed Data Sets prior to starting use case execution
  • Execution

    Duration: (~2-4 days)

    Location: Typically on-site

  • Deliver basic enablement for the evaluators
  • Execute and Evaluate use cases and document the results
  • Collect screen shots for the summary presentation.
  • Produce summary report and schedule presentation
  • Review

    Duration: ~0.5 day

    Location: Typically on-site

  • Presentation of exercise and results
  • Review Success Criteria, and evaluate level and degree of meeting those
  • Next steps
  • FWD-View offer consultancy to set up Delphix masking with lots of experience in Financial Services. Combined with Waterline this would give us a ‘proper’ platform for GDPR compliance

    Head of BI Solutions - Asset Management