The digitisation of the financial and commodity markets has created a ubiquitous demand for data, which permeates all areas of the business. FinTech disruption and a commoditisation of the market place means that competition is at an all time high. In the context of increased regulatory pressures and the risks of cyber warfare, those who do not address their underlying challenge of data management will fail in their quest to remain competitive.

Many of our clients have already begun to invest heavily in DevOps practices and Cloud strategies as they scramble to meet the demands of the digital economy. However, few companies outside of the “born on the web” start-ups can boast a successful digital transformation and we believe that this is at least in part due to the lack of a sophisticated, enterprise data strategy.

The core of the problem resides in the fact that the constraints on data prevents timely access to the right data for those who need it. DataOps is the alignment of people, process, and technology to enable fast, automated, and secure management of data, eliminating points of friction across the data-fulfillment lifecycle, from request to consumption. DataOps is a new way of thinking about how to leverage data in your business.

Through our partnership with Delphix, we tackle this issue head on. Delphix is the world’s leading Dynamic Data Platform, used by over 30% of the Fortune 100. At FWD View, we achieve the core aims of DataOps through implementing, supporting and driving adoption of the platform, ensuring its application always relates back to overall business objectives, for example:

  • Acceleration of application delivery
  • Cloud migration
  • Enterprise data masking/security
  • Reduction of application TCO
  • Successfully mastering DataOps requires overcoming the organisational and cultural barriers that separate people from data. It starts with bringing these two audiences together:


    The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform provides a comprehensive approach to DataOps, enabling companies to easily deliver and secure data, wherever it exists. With Delphix, businesses manage data distribution and access with the speed, simplicity, and level of security required to drive digital transformation.

    Through, secure, efficient delivery of data with virtualization, the platform will:

  • Compress: Create highly compressed virtual copies of data from any source.
  • Sync: Capture update stream from source systems to keep virtual data environments continuously synced
  • Provision: Deliver data to users efficiently in their target environments - cloud, or on-premise.

    As the backbone of most financial instructions architecture the implementation and management of trading applications have been focussed on the ever increasing demand for change from business, the demands of the regulator and the exponential growth of data.

    Delphix connects people with data in a fast, simple, and highly secure manner. For the first time, data can move at the speed required for digital transformation

  • Data at the speed of business
    Provision data in just minutes and to any environment—whether on premises or in the cloud. With sophisticated automation, pre-built integrations with DevOps tools, and integrated security, Delphix gives end users self-service data controls such as the ability to refresh or recover data to any point in time.

  • Release applications faster
    Delphix provisions data in a fraction of the time—even for large, complex datasets—empowering the world’s leading organizations to release applications dramatically faster. By aligning data management to modern DevOps and cloud infrastructure tooling, organizations can accelerate time-to-market for the applications that drive their competitive advantage.
  • Faster deployment and increased data control allows the technology groups to focus on business outcomes and supports the revenue building plans of the business.